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White Collar Crime

David’s civil practice representing clients in both commercial and personal injury litigation occasionally have given him the opportunity to represent clients in legal conflicts with state or federal government.

The form of the disputes include civil and criminal, or both, depending on the circumstances. Over the past thirty years, actively to the present, David has represented corporations, their owners and officers, in pre-criminal charge negotiations, and, if the need has arisen, has successfully defended them before juries. The range of charges or claims brought against past clients by governments include alleged banking crimes, antitrust violations, internet crimes, environmental crimes, endangered species act violations, and others. His extensive jury trial experience in such cases has involved trials lasting from three days to three months. For example, in his only step into common law crime litigation, David defended a client charged with first degree murder, who killed another while protecting his home; David was able to win a verdict of acquittal.

David has also defended businesses and individuals in civil penalty, cease and desist, and sanction actions brought by regulatory commissions, such as the FDIC, Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Reserve Board, Department of Justice, EPA, IRS, Wyoming DEQ, OSHA, BLM, Department of Interior, and others.

Clients have included physicians, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, attorneys, architects, engineers, ranchers, outfitters and others in conflicts with their governmental regulatory agencies. David has won judgments on behalf of several plaintiffs in suits against the federal and state government for torts, civil rights violations, employment discrimination and wrongful termination.