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A man and his wife, both successful small business owners in Jackson, applied for life insurance with a large, national insurance company. They had no indication that the wife had tragically contracted HIV years before their marriage.  By the time they submitted their applications for life insurance, the husband was also infected. The insurance company denied their applications because of the mortal disease, but gave no indication to them of their peril. Two years later, the wife became symptomatic of AIDS, and was diagnosed. We filed suit against the insurance company for negligent failure to warn. The U.S. District Court entered summary judgment in favor of the insurance company, but the Court of Appeals reversed. After months of discovery and arguments to the District Court, the insurance company settled near the eve of trial for the largest amount ever paid in settlement for personal injury (2006) in the federal district court of Wyoming.

We have described in other sections of this website individual cases brought successfully to the desired results. For example, in personal injury matters, we concluded by settlement in wrongful death actions the highest Wyoming awards, at least up to three years ago, for a minor (three years old) and for an elderly person (76 years old).

We have represented a number of bank directors and officers against D&O liability claims and criminal threats or charges brought by the FDIC, and the Department of Justice following bank failures. The cases required sorting through and categorizing mountains of financial documents and transactional records. Because most of these cases were resolved confidentially before legal claims or criminal allegations could be brought, we avoided descriptions that might identify the clients. We can provide more detailed information upon serious request for representation.