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Business Transactions

For thirty-five years David has represented clients in the formation of business organizations, sales and purchases of business and investment assets, and negotiations and preparation of contract documents pertaining to all aspects of business, family, and personal matters. The areas in which he has been most specifically involved are listed below.

• Financial Institution Lending and     Borrowing
Real Estate
Natural Resources
Trademarks and Tradename


David has always looked upon litigation as a component of the complete legal services he has tried to offer his clients. The goal of effective advocacy begins with negotiation, with the goal of reaching a reasonable resolution of disputes before resorting to the courtroom. If negotiation and compromise fail, then the thousands of hours he has successfully spent in the courtroom before judges and juries allows him to represent his clients as an effective trial advocate. He has extensive experience preparing briefs and oral presentations of his clients’ cases before courts of appeal, both defending successful judgments from the trial court, and in pursuing a reversal of a trial court judgment that he believed to be contrary to law. He has included a list of the reported appeals in which he has participated.

Personal Injury Suits

Commercial Litigation

White Collar Crime: Disputes and Litigation Between Citizens and Governments

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Appellate Advocacy (Appeals)

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Above all, I have litigated countless claims and trials, resulting in thousands of hours in front of juries."